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Miami, FL…There are a few things about O.Z. (pronounced 0h-Zee) “–a name I got cuz I always kept that pack on me.” He echoes one of the most iconic personalities and hip-hop,Tupac Shakur. O.Z. flashes a megawatt smile and a wide grin. He has a lean rippled build and a the brazen sparkle laughter that bristles like sandpaper. Then there are the undeniable similarities where O.Z.’s talent is concerned: he has
been an artist since he was in grade school, flipping metaphors while beating on the hallway lockers and performing in talent shows.

O.Z. also possess a duality that fascinates and polarizes. “O.Z. is the calm one–lyrical emotional and cool with the ladies. Mr. 28 Grams is his alter ego. He is gruesome, and will come out with a hostile demeanor to get something off his chest, no holds
barred he who usually comes out when I’m on stage” he points out.

The native son of Florida was born in Jacksonville and raised in Carol City. Miami exposed the equal parts of grits and glamour. “I was born at the top and raise at the bottom.” O.Z. explains. “I represent all of Florida.” As a youngster, he had the good fortune to be able to choose between his musical talent and proverbial wicked jumpshot. “I played point guard, and occasionally two guard in junior high, but music called out louder.”

During his rough adolescence, which is detailed and his music, O.Z. flirted with drugs and violence for a long time. O.Z., born Sandy Harrell, dealt with hispersonal issues and use the music to help overcome his adversities. While armed with enough talent and confidence he needs to be cocky, he knows the grind is just as important as the shine.

With many things not working, O.Z. join forces with Fratt Boi Muzic in 2012 and has continued to put in the necessary work…O.Z. writes and record second only to breathing. “I still got lyrics in a bunch of notebooks. I write as soon as I hear it in my head, I don’t just wait.”

As the marquee artist for Fratt Boi, O.Z. uses versatility as fuel for his momentum–and the buzz he’s created in his home region proves the formula is working. “I never been a bubble gum or low-ball music type of artist. I can really line them up, positive music, trap music and bring the type of party music. I can show my flow and pattern in the lyrically aggressively. I have a life; I have struggles I’ve gone through–and are use music to let people know what life is about, to the point where when do they listen to it, they feel like I was there when I wrote the record.”

Now, the time has come.