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Albert Robinson, known to everyone as AlBee Al The Gladiator, was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Raised in the Marion Projects in Jersey City, Al grew up in a poverty stricken environment.

At the age of 10, AlBee Al knew he wanted to pursue music as a full time career.  “Music is in my blood. My father was an old school cat that was running around with artists such as Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie.  My dad was a part of a group called Sweet Slick and Slide and their movement in hip-hop was huge. Though my Dad was based out of Jersey City, he and his group members where always in New York. My dad died when I was four years old.  His stage name was also AlBee Al,” states Al.

Other than his dad, Al states his other musical influences as Method Man and the entire Wu-Tang Clan. “They were from the projects like me. Like me, they came from nothing. Despite their environment and circumstances, they rose to stardom while representing their hood. I have always admired that.”

When asked to describe his performance, AlBee Al says, “When I perform, I am extremely aggressive and I talk to the people who understand me. What makes you stand out from any other artist? My realness in the lyrics and the pain give people chills. People who haven’t been through anything would not be able to relate to my music. My music is unique because of the pain, I guess. It’s got to be the pain.”

Albee Al’s debut single, “Pay Me Up Front” is an undeniable hit. “The song is about how business is business. Don’t play with my money. It is about the grind and the struggle. Everybody is saying they are rich and famous. I am still in the projects. I want to get this money so I can resolve a lot of issues my loved ones are facing.”

“Ain’t nothing for free. I am working hard for it. I’m out to go get it,” says AlBee Al.

When asked if he was an animal, what would he be and why, Al states, “If I was an animal, I would be a baboon. I would conquer the jungle and have characteristics of a silver back also somewhere down the line. I am a mutant. I have mad tactics. I have to be a foreign animal, a rare animal that isn’t even here any more. I am the last of my breed.”

Getting his feet wet on the performance stage, AlBee Al has opened up for established acts such as PNB Rock, YfNLucci, OT Genesis, and more. “I am just the voice of the struggle. I am a hood journalist. I am a motivational speaker for those who think the same as me in the hood.”

When asked about the cards life has dealt him, AlbeeAl shares, “I was previously locked up, facing life in jail. I was then acquitted. While behind bars, I was fighting my case for four years. I have been home for 18 months. While I was locked up, my brother was murdered and he was my everything. He was my biggest fan and critic. For him to be taken away from me, that is my drive to become successful,” and successful he will become.

In his spare time, AlBee Al enjoys spending time with family. “I am a momma’s boy. I do everything for my mother. This is my mother’s dream as well. I am programmed for family. I am her robot.”



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