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Getting more than a fair shot in the Music Industry being once signed to Fat Joe’s Terror Squad label, O.Z. (pronounced Oh Zee) still stands his ground in the rap game. O.Z. –Mr.28Grams “a name I got cuz I always kept that pack on me” he adds, has been displaying his talent across the nation. He has been an artist since he was in grade school, flipping metaphors while beating on the hallway lockers and even performing at talent shows.
The native son of Florida was born in Jacksonville and raised in Miami, exposed to equal parts of grits and glamour. “I was born at the top and raised by the bottom,” O.Z. explains. I represent all of Florida.” As a youngster, he had the good fortune to be able to choose between his musical talent and the proverbial wicked jump shot. “I played point guard, and occasionally two guard in junior high and through high school, but between the two, music called out louder to me.” While armed with enough talent and confidence to be cocky, he knows the grind is just as important as the shine. In fact, the opportunity to collaborate with multiplatinum artists and sign with the well-established Terror Squad crew came to O.Z. early in his career—and stalled it for a few years, which was humbling to say the least. “Fat Joe and TS are always family to me, but the up-and-down of my career startin’ and stoppin’! That wasn’t working.”
So O.Z. switched things up. He joined forces with Fratt Boi Muzic Group and hasn’t looked back. O.Z. writes and records second only to breathing. “I still got lyrics in a bunch of notebooks. I write something as soon as I hear it in my head. I don’t wait. I jot punchlines, metaphors, similes into my phone too,” he explains. As the marquee artist for Fratt Boi, O.Z. uses versatility as fuel for his momentum—and the buzz he’s created in his home region proves the formula is working.
“I never been a bubble gum or low-ball music type of artist. I can line up positive music, and I can bring that party music. I can show my flow and pattern and be lyrically aggressive. I have a life; I have struggles I’ve gone through—and I use music to let people know what my life is about, to the point where when they listen to it, they feel like I was with them when I wrote the record.”
His current single “Check” resonate instantly. O.Z.’s infectiously catchy song is already buzzing on SoundCloud, Spotify and several other platforms. O.Z.’s “Check” has climbed to over 700k plays in total. It’s not a huge surprise that the Carol City, Florida rapper has found success with this particular track, which is built around an infectious melody that reveals itself early on. The track still
stands to get bigger from here.
“I’ve done my dirt, and had it come back around on me. The only way for me to get beyond something was to change for the better by recognizing the BS I was participating in. I can’t deal with anything about jail—I hate everything about it. That motivates me to strive for positivity.” His uncut dope delivers a musical high without side effects. O.Z. is positively a force to be reckoned with.