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The south is known for charm, hospitality and creating those good old southern boys.  Mississippi newcomer MajoreKing is the culmination of that southern charm with a royal twist.  Having a king’s mentality is something MajoreKing prides himself on, even though because of his age, many would consider him a prince.  Quite the opposite, MajoreKing believes a king’s behavior attracts a queen. With his new single “Mood,” MajoreKing is hoping to bring his millennial fan base or at least the ladies up to his level.

Growing up in Columbia, MS MajoreKing was fascinated with music as far back as he could remember.  An older brother introduced him to music as a pre-teen and it became his escape. MajoreKing names another southern king, T.I. as an initial influence, along with Drake. “I liked that Drake wasn’t from the street but he was talking about stuff that I could relate to,” MajoreKing says.  He started writing during his free time and playing around with beats that he got online.  The more he wrote, the better he got and soon the high school basketball jock eventually lost his love for the game and totally focused on writing music.

With a single, a pending summer tour and a new IG model on his page everyday, MajoreKing is excited about summer 2017. “My ultimate goal is to make music that the fans love and then it would be to get that respect from the industry,” MajoreKing says.  If he can manage to stay authentic in an industry that often celebrates fakes, he will have won in a MAJOR way.