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The duo, who first met around 2008 through mutual friends, accomplishes just that with their official full-length debut Last of the ‘80s, releasing through the newly relaunched Priority Records (N.W.A., Geto Boys) this year. The LP, which features guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, Kid Ink, Eric Bellinger, OT Genasis and more, teases out the street-leaning sound of their prior work on a more accessible scale,with the intention of creating a project that has the replay value and shelf life of the music they enjoyed while growing up.“We want to bring back that special feeling when you have an album that’s going to be the only thing you listen to for months at a time,” explains AD. “We want to be the soundtrack of the streetsanda voice for the people who don’t really know the culture of the westside.” Sorry Jaynari elaborates, “Our sounds really come from the clubsandstreets. For the sound of the west, we always had a certain sound that would related to gang culture—fat bass lines, the leads, synth.

Now it’s still basically the same structure that Dre used back then, but we made it faster and added 808s and bass.”Last of the ‘80s follows their first collaborative mixtape By the Way released in June 2016 and spawned the hit “Thug” featuring YG, which racked up seven million views on YouTube, but builds on its predecessor. Featuring a handful of heavy-hitter guests including E-40, Freddie Gibbs and YG,the LP is a celebration of all things Cali and its infectious bounce, led by the cold-crushed first single “Basic” featuring OT Genasis and followed by “Better” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Tory Lanez, softening the mood without losing any of the bite. Elsewhere on the album, Khalifa makes a second appearance on the stadium-sized “Leakin” while G Perico contributes to the gang anthem “#CripLivesMatter.”

Last of the ‘80s has wider appeal, it also digs into deeper territory. “I wanted to make my work personal,” says AD. On the album’s opening track “Story,” he includes audio clips of his late grandmother, mother and younger brother, who is currently serving a 17-year sentence and drops some bars over the phone at the song’s end. “It’snotobvious who that voice is so unless you really get to know me through my music, you might miss these things. There’s also slang I use that might have multiple meanings and hasn’t yet hit the mainstream.”With Last ofthe ‘80s arriving soon, AD and Sorry Jaynari are already on pace to be the next dynamic duo to put on for their city. “I feel like a lot of times now, especially on the west coast, a lot of artists, they’re venturing away from the region and they’re going more towards whatever’s popular in the industry at the time,” says AD. “We’re showing that we’re keeping it 100. We’re not trying to do nothing else but make the region more universal for the rest of the world as well.”



Story (Intro)

Out The Hood

Basic (feat. OT Genasis)

Better (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Tory Lanez)


Who Dat Ni--a (feat. Kool John)

Leakin (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Say (feat. Kid Ink & Eric Bellinger)

Old Ways

#CripLivesMatter (feat. G Perico)