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Hailing from Mid-City and the Jungles of California’s dream capital, Los Angeles, the Jumpshooters have been molding themselves into a hip-hop duo that will soon become a household name. Over the past three years, Xavier (Xavi) and D’Aundre (Dre) have been honing their sound, combining alternatively constructed delivery, punch-lines and soul that makes them a balanced duo.While Los Angeles hip-hop is known more for its street rap and ratchet sound, the Jumpshooters showcase the other side of the city that is underrepresented.

Growing up in Mid-City Los Angeles, Xavi discovered his natural lyrical talent and gift when he began doing music at the tender age of seven. He drew inspiration from artists like Lil Wayne, E-40, and other rappers from the South and West Coast that he grew up listening to. His atmospheric, melodic presence combined with his ambitious, multi-talented and socially savvy persona draw you in and give you something to remember him by. While the other half of the duo, Dre, derives his attitude and bold demeanor from growing up in the area known as the Jungles of Los Angeles. He cites his influences as being the son of two strong entrepreneurial parents that instilled the fire and drive that push him throughout his music, to all the legends in hip-hop that came before.

Dre and Xavi grew up in Blood and Crip neighborhoods, respectively, with parents that had emigrated from Jamaica. This created an instant bond and familiarity that brought them together. The contrast of both growing up in a Jamaican household and in the midst of LA gang culture instilled a third-world, survival mindset along with an aspirational, hustler’s mentality in both of them.The two met through a mutual friend four years ago and worked on a song together. They clicked so well, that they decided to continue working together as a duo and start a record label together called A.A.D. (All About Dollars).

Soon thereafter, both Dre and Xavi moved to Downtown Los Angeles and began to work on their music. Living in a large luxury apartment complex, they became surrounded by a lifestyle of drugs, liquor, money, and women. This party atmosphere influenced their sound and style, which they describe as a “high-class, ghetto, melodic, West Coast, millennial sound all in one for the new era of people that like being fly.” Over time, their sound has evolved to reflect who they are as individuals and how they blend together as a group.

Fast-forward to the present, the Jumpshooters are getting ready to release their debut project ‘A Very Good Mixtape’ via Priority Records Distribution this Fall. Executive Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer My Guy Mars, who they met through Xavi’s brother, the Jumpshooters are embracing the new era of hip-hop while staying true to their original flow and sound. You miss every shot you don’t take, and the Jumpshooters are taking every shot they can.