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The purest form of expression is the ability to put words and sounds together in an order which resonates with the people who listen to it. In this newest release you see how artistic writing, infectious rhythms and memorable timing marry together to bring forth a new offering to the current musical landscape. At MILKBOY STUDIOS out of Philadelphia the production collective spearheaded by Dan “Dilemma” Thomas, Joe “Logic” Gallagher and Matt Wong along with singer/songwriter Modesty Lycan and rapper Shawn Smith combined their their musical styles in order to formulate the single “I AIN’T SH*T” from the forthcoming EP release “REVERIE DRIVE.” Throughout the song Modesty delivers a raw a truthful expression of the complexities of relationships and the perils of love on this soulful track. The lyrics are introspective but he rhythms are elemental in a way that moves your heart and your body in the same instant. The lyrics of Shawn Smith show the duality of a man who is trying to do right but has had enough of his current situation. This song shows the push and pull between the sexes and how being bad can hurt and being good can hurt even more. The title of the song captures the energy of the struggle and sparks in the mind the steps to move on from it.