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North Carolina native Ka5sh (pronounced “cash”), embodies the new wave American Dream: They moved to Los Angeles in 2014 with a few hundred dollars, some friends from the internet, and the drive to “do better” by making a name for themselves as a rapper.

Seeking new ways to reach fans, Ka5sh began creating memes (sharable, viral images) as “microcontent” for their music, and as a means to discuss the social struggles of being young and being a person of color in the current political climate. Ka5sh took the meme subculture by storm, and began commissioning memes for brands and media companies as a marketing tool.

In 2017, Ka5sh hosted the first ever Meme art show, “By Any Memes Necessary”, which received critical acclaim. “By Any Memes Necessary invokes the spirit of Andy Warhol & Marcel Duchamp” said Crave Online. Ka5sh continued the trend of bring URL to IRL curating Peaches: A Black Internet Experience, an art show showcasing the work of 19 different Black artists and
content creators, which was featured on NBC.

Ka5sh’s debut release, “Ka5sh EP” features “I’m Depressed”, an earworm that “turns misery into hilarity the same way you make a child’s pout slip into laughter: by pointing it out.” according to Pitchfork.

Ka5sh is disrupting old school marketing tactics in favor of unique experiences both online and at events, and has attracted the interest of major news networks, universities, and businesses worldwide as an innovator and new cultural voice. Ka5sh is a cast member on the upcoming VICELAND series “Hollywood Love Story”, and is currently writing an animated series.