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The lore of Greek Mythology has always been alluring to the masses. The stories encapsulated with tales of the god’s, goddesses, heroes, and villains appeals to our infatuation with tragedy and triumph. The Greek god Adonis, whose story is one of love, lust, passion, calamity, and conquest, has always been revered as a deity associated with undeniable attraction. As the god of poetry, love, desire and new life, his narrative plays out in similar fashion to the artistry of R&B’s next sensation, Adonis The Greek.

Upon experiencing the singer / songwriter Adonis The Greek you instantly realize that this multifaceted artist may be mortal in the flesh yet his music and talent embodies the immortality of the classic artists that inspire him. With the passionate appeal of a Marvin Gaye, the stage presence of James Brown, and the awe-inspiring god-like presence of Michael Jackson, Adonis is, quite frankly, the personification of artistry. Just as the mythical god brought new life in Greek folklore, Adonis is breathing new vivacity into the music industry with is debut EP, “ATHENS.”

The taste of a better life came for Adonis once he succumbed to music, which would ultimately become his life’s passion. Moving to Los Angeles not only put him in better position to pursue his dream, but it also put him in a better place mentally to become the creative entity we now know as Adonis the Greek. Starting out as a dancer, developing his rap skills, finding the power in his pen, and now embracing the strength of his vocal ability, Adonis has morphed into a premiere artist. Although his in influences include the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Drake, and more, Adonis definitely exudes a style of his own. Combining the soul of R&B, the raw edge of hip-hop, and the appeal of pop music, Adonis’ debut EP is already generating classic buzz. With tracks such as “The Code,” which explores the depths of relationship rules and “Not Like You,” which highlights Adonis’ unapologetic uniqueness, “ATHENS” serves as the perfect introduction to music’s next marvel.