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Doobie Dalil is not a mumble rapper, not just a fad, and cannot be placed in a box. He is an authentic Hip-Hop artist who continues to study and master the art of rap–also known as a true Hip-Hop lyricist. Witty, creative, and punchlines after punch lines are what can easily describe the rap style of Doobie Dalil, formally known as TR3′ STYLZ. His content and aggressive flow were ground breaking in his Chicago rap battle against Rockie Fresh, which cultivated his fan base. Doobie Dalil also gained recognition as an opening act for fellow Chicago artist Lil Durk and Grammy award-winning artist Drake. Doobie admires the works of 2Pac, J Cole and Lupe Fiasco and sets his sights to be recognized as a rap legend.

Born as Marvin Cole, this South Side of Chicago native has set goals to break new musical barriers. At the age of 14, Doobie’s talents were discovered by his older cousin, who helped him perfect his musical craft. He received guidance while in the studio and free styling over beats. He also worked on his writing skills, which led to the creation of his first song “Sun Rise.” At the age of 18, Doobie set himself to become the next biggest rapper from Chicago under the label and management of Killer Instinct Entertainment. His versatile delivery can bring a familiar sound that we have heard before by a legendary Chicago rapper who goes by the name of Twista, along with a metaphoric style like J. Cole or Lil’ Wayne. He later released his project “The Return- 20 TRE,” and created a buzz with his popular song “O Dogg.”

After building momentum, he released a hot free style, “Jackin’ Five Beats,” which demonstrated a verbal assault on various popular industry beats that showcased the lyrical ability that would soon catch the interests of other artists. Doobie released his “Loose Squares” mixtape in February 2015 and received a tremendous amount of praise as the talented rapper showed the conscious side of his skill. Doobie also released the mixtape “16 Ounces” in the fall of 2015 which delivered a crafty wordplay of bars that took his audience back to the streets along with production from the hometown super producers from Chicago Da’ Internz, and a track produced by L.A. based super producer Fingazz. In early 2016, Doobie dropped the mixtape “Hennessy & Lemonade,” as well as dropping the mixtape “Winter Time Chi” in February 2017, which has allowed for him to gain more of a solid fan base. In the summer of 2017, the Killer Instinct Entertainment artist joined forces with Priority Records and is now ready to release his upcoming single, followed by a new mixtape and his highly anticipated EP set to be release in the beginning of 2018.