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For Sean Will, music began to take a hold of his life when he was an adolescent growing up in the heart of New Jersey’s underground music culture. Drawn by the sounds of vinyl against the turntable stylus as a young junior high student and seduced by the bubbling DJ scene that was beginning to emerge in the Garden State during that time, he began DJ-ing and playing at friends parties while building up a network of music and arts early on. From there, a dancer friend asked him to help him out by making some music for him to dance to, and while he initially didn’t think to make music by himself, after the initial push, he was quickly hooked on this new method of creativity. Production, while difficult at first, eventually became a passionate way for him to extend his imagination at such an early yet transformative age.

As he grew up, music became an increasingly bigger focus, and while his upbringing was always to be educationally driven, dj-ing and production quickly became the central purposes to life, and he ended up dropping out of a university to pursue his ultimate dream. It was certainly a leap of faith to leave, and his family was heavily against him leaving higher education, but it became apparent that his gamble was successful when he teamed up with local artist Dougie F to create “Back Up On It (Jasmine),” which would eventually capture the ears of Diplo and Mad Decent label manager Paul Devro. Soon, summers touring the country performing with Steve aoki and being on BET with Skrillex and Diplo became the norm for the young talent, and success felt within grasp for the first time. Despite this sudden surge in underground music fame, the Jersey-based artist decided to take a step back from his rise in the electronic scene to reexamine his next steps and his ultimate career path. Realizing that while Jersey Club was an important part of his core, there were different avenues he still wanted to explore that weren’t necessarily tied to his geographical upbringing; his realizations ultimately pushed him to slow down, strip himself of his previous DJ name (DJ Fire), and to take some time off before re-emerging back into the music scene.

The time off ended up being crucial to his transformation in the artist he is today. Simultaneously being able dive in and learn more about himself and his music while stepping away from the entertainment and fame aspects of the music scene helped to bring focus into his music and push him to be completely original and think outside the box. Dedicating himself to concentrating on music theory and classical training brought forth a new energy and passion to his craft.

His latest work, which includes a forthcoming EP, explores various reggae-pop hybrid influences that bring forth a sound that’s yet to be heard in both mainstream and underground culture. With a goal to bring a cool edge to EDM and bring Hip Hop’s business savvy into mainstream pop, Sean Will is looking to embody a new type of star in the music production scene and bring glamor and fun back into fame.