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Young Egypt was born in North Carolina and raised in Orlando. He would spend his summers with his family in Egypt.

It is his Egyptian heritage, spending summers there and growing up in the south that he credits for developing the soul and the vibe of his music.

Young Egypt has been working with some of your favorite rappers on production and songwriting for the last few years. Everyone from Lil Wayne to Gucci Mane, French Montana, Waka Flocka and more have tapped the young artist to work with them on some of their biggest hits over the years.

Egypt produced, wrote, performed, and recorded every record on his¬†project ‘Alive.’

“Every song has it’s own feeling, a vibe. I just want to share the moments in my life that made me me, through my music. At the end of the day all we are left with are memories, so do what you love and fuck the rest!”